Finally, the Sanctions in Russia

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Russia is under sanctions from almost the whole world. My foreign friends constantly ask me, what are you eating in Russia when so many countries have declared an embargo on you? How much does gasoline, gas, and food cost in Russia? I travel a lot in Russia, so I decided to make a video for you, how much different popular goods cost in different regions of my huge country in this difficult and contradictory historical period for the whole world! Here are just the facts! Real prices for real products! Subscribe to my channel and I will tell you and show you the most interesting things in Russia today!
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Here are the most exciting videos about prices in Russia today, after a huge number of sanctions. Look what's happening!

Prices in grocery stores in different parts of Russia watch here^

Prices for gasoline in Russia under sanctions watch here

Life in a real Russian countryside watch here

About vacations, leasure, new Mcdonalds watch here
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